Safety in a Crisis: Haven Kids’ House

As a parent, ensuring your kids have what they need – even in difficult circumstances – is always at the top of your mind. This is what Zack, a Saskatoon resident and father of two, discovered when he faced a situation that greatly impacted his family.

Inspiration for a Lifetime: Nathan Makes a Wish

Just eight years old, Nathan is a leukemia survivor with a passion for the majestic animals of the Ice Age. His dreams for science and adventure were filled in the summer of 2022, when the Make-A-Wish Foundation brought his family to Whitehorse for a week-long paleontology trip, full of mammoth bones and amazing memories.

Straight from the Heart: Rocky’s Wish

7-year-old Rocky has grown up with a deep passion for playing sports like football, ball hockey, and baseball, despite a congenital heart condition. In the summer of 2022, the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Rocky’s wish: a trip for the entire family to meet the Toronto Blue Jays, throw the first pitch in a game, and be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience.

Building a Lifelong Friendship

In only a year, 9-year-old mentee Brooklyn and her mentor Shaye – matched by Big Brothers Big Sisters – have had plenty of adventures together, building the foundations of a lifelong friendship.


Jade is a volunteer mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters, which is where she met her mentee, Denika – a young girl who matches her energy, enthusiasm, and passion for life. Together, they’re enriching each other’s lives and each other’s futures.

Connecting The Community With Sum Theatre


Years ago, Chris Krug-Iron watched a Sum Theatre performance from the audience – and now, he’s part of the latest production. Emphasizing the power of community and connection, it reflects his own journey into theatre life and the important lessons learned for the next generation.

Miracles & Music – Creative Kids


In 2017, Tim Irvine was just starting a new career when a brain tumour interrupted the lives of his entire family. With uncertainty at every turn, he and his wife found new hope in the grants of Creative Kids, which kept their three kids enrolled in the piano lessons they loved.

Learning And Growing Together


For over ten years, single mother Joyclyne and her daughters Tyneesha, Cavetta, and Saige have been visiting the North Central Family Centre in Regina. In that time, the Centre has helped them all learn, grow, and improve their lives in so many ways.

Creating A More Colourful Future


Thanks to art lessons in Prince Albert and funding from Creative Kids, Kimberly’s grandchildren have found a new way to express themselves and honour their culture.