Creating A More Colourful Future


Thanks to art lessons in Prince Albert and funding from Creative Kids, Kimberly’s grandchildren have found a new way to express themselves and honour their culture.

A Lifetime Of Giving Back


As a teen, Shyanne and her family spent many days being helped at the North Central Family Centre. Now, as an employee there, she gets to give back to the community every single day.

Hope, Healing, And Happiness: Mary & Lucy


7-year-old Mary went through more than two years of chemotherapy after a leukemia diagnosis – but when she received Lucy, her very own Yorkie puppy, from Make-A-Wish Canada, she regained a little bit of the childhood she had lost along the way.

A Starbear Story: Brynleigh Yewsuk


Brynleigh was just three years old when a tragic accident changed the course of her life – and STARS Saskatchewan saved it. Now, six years later, she has formed a heartwarming bond with the flight crew that responded, and she still carries the STARBear that helped her through her most difficult days.

Tragedy Into Triumph: Caiden’s Story


In 2014, Caiden broke his leg and required STARS transport to Saskatoon from his small town. In the years since, his work with STARS has become a defining feature of his personality, and opened new doors to a confident and engaging life ahead.

Another Life Saved By Stars


In 2013, Breanna Booy suffered a major head injury while playing with her sister near their family farm. Thanks to STARS, she is fully recovered and has a second chance at living a full and healthy life.

Being Bella Brave


At just 7 years old, Bella Thomson of Swift Current has spent more than 800 days in a hospital bed. Learning this, the Saskatchewan chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation delivered on Bella’s wish, ensuring that every day at home would be even more meaningful.

Learning Unlike Anywhere Else


Mesrak is a mother of four young kids in Saskatoon – and an avid supporter of the YMCA. Through the organization, she and her children have not only enjoyed an active lifestyle, but have also built valuable skills and confidence.

A Helping Hand: The Impact Of Haven Kids’ House


Life is unpredictable, and despite our best plans, we all need a little bit of support sometimes. For families around Saskatoon, Haven Kids’ House is there to do just that – a beacon of help and hope, giving parents and kids alike a place to lessen their stress in difficult times.

Haven Kids’ House: Where Saskatchewan Families Can Rest


When you’re a family with four kids, living hundreds of kilometres from the city, making frequent hospital visits for sick children can be incredibly difficult – even more so with surgeries and overnight stays involved. Luckily, that’s why Haven Kids’ House is here.