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K+S Potash Canada is part of the K+S Group, a German-based company that has been mining and processing potash and salt for over 125 years. At our Bethune solution potash mine near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, K+S Potash Canada extracts potash crude salt which is further processed into three types of potassium chloride. Our products are used as natural fertilizers and compacted for use in a variety of industrial applications.

Bethune is the first greenfield potash mine in the Province of Saskatchewan in more than 40 years and enables K+S to produce high quality potash for generations to come. With this facility, K+S can more easily reach the markets in Asia, as well as North and South America, and is well-equipped for expansion of total capacity as markets grow.

Bethune is a solution mine. Solution mining is the process of mining underground water-soluble minerals by dissolving the minerals with water. The mineral-rich solution (called brine) is then extracted from the ground and the minerals are recovered from it.

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The Legacy Project and Bethune mine

In November 2010, K+S Group announced it had reached a deal to acquire Canadian junior mining and exploration company Potash One. The acquisition was finalized in March 2011 and the project, named, “Legacy,” was greenlighted by the K+S Supervisory Board in November 2011. From there, the Canadian subsidiary K+S Potash Canada GP was created.

The groundbreaking ceremony for K+S Potash Canada’s $4.1 billion CAD Legacy Project took place on June 19, 2012, at which time the construction site was little more than a humble prairie meadow. By the summer of 2015, the construction program for the multi-billion dollar project was in high gear, and in May of 2017, the mine officially opened under the new name of “Bethune,” following a longstanding potash-community tradition of naming facilities after the nearest neighbouring community.


This Is Our Legacy

Watch the video that highlights our journey from greenfield to grand opening.


From Legacy Project to Bethune mine

Watch how we built a legacy from the ground up – literally!


Grand Opening of Bethune mine

Watch how we celebrated the grand opening of Saskatchewan’s newest potash mine in nearly 50 years!