Our Logistics


Our partnership with Canadian Pacific

To ensure a rail connection, K+S Potash Canada partnered with Canadian Pacific (CP). Potash bound for port is transported by CP from the Bethune mine. In spring 2017, CP completed the 30 km Belle Plaine subdivision, a new line of rail that links Bethune mine to existing CP track near Belle Plaine. K+S Potash Canada also completed an additional 14 km of rail line that links CP’s new track to a loop at the potash mine’s loading facilities and 6 km of storage track adjacent to its line. This ~20 km of line is owned and will be operated by K+S Potash Canada.


Our partnership with Pacific Coast Terminals

K+S Potash Canada partnered with Pacific Coast Terminals (PCT) to help construct and operate their potash handling and storage facility at PCT’s bulk handling facility located in Port Moody near Vancouver, British Columbia. The new state-of-the-art facility opened in 2017, and includes a railcar unloading building, 1260 meters of conveyor belts and a 362 meter-long storage shed for a total capacity of 160,000 tonnes of product. Potash products arriving by rail from the Bethune mine are stored on PCT’s site and transported to vessels destined for K+S Group’s international clients.