Strategic Framework

K+S Potash Canada adheres to the vision and mission of our parent company, which provides the framework for today’s activities and for the strategic orientation of the Group, and explains basis for our thinking and actions to our employees, shareholders, lenders, customers, suppliers and the public.

To act as one K+S and support the overall Vision and Mission, K+S has developed a set of global values to advance our corporate culture. These six values help define the types of behaviour that will allow the organization to successfully achieve its goals:


Safe & Sustainable

We always put safety first and act sustainably in everything we do.

I believe that nothing is more important than health and safety. I act sustainably to protect the environment, local communities and the economy. I commit to building a sustainable future for generations to come.



We support each other by treating one another with trust and respect.

I am a team player who believes that we achieve more together. I celebrate other people’s competencies, experiences and diversity. I maintain positive relationships with my colleagues, business partners, customers and communities.



We are entrepreneurs and take on challenges courageously.

I set ambitious goals and take a proactive approach to achieve them. I put the customer at the center of everything I do and add value to their experience with K+S. I identify business opportunities, assess risks, and make informed decisions. I never compromise on our ethics and integrity.



We utilize lean and flexible structures to work quickly and efficiently.

I question current work processes and continuously look for opportunities to increase efficiency and add value. I effectively collaborate across the organization. I act with a sense of urgency to meet market and customer demands. I find ways to say, “yes” – not excuses to say, “no.”


We are adaptable and encourage innovation.

I am open to new ideas and ways of working. I embrace change as an opportunity to innovate and grow. I listen to other perspectives and learn from our collective experience. I challenge the status quo, with the future always in mind.


We believe in the success of K+S.

I actively contribute to implementing our strategy. I am dedicated to strengthening the reputation of K+S as an industry leader, business partner and employer of choice.