Written by KidSport Saskatchewan

Sports enthusiast, Kinlee, fell in love with lacrosse thanks to cheering for her favourite team the Saskatchewan Rush, and favourite player #77 Jeff Shattler. This 9 year old girl’s sporting dream came true, with financial support from KidSport, Kinlee is able to enjoy what she loves most—playing lacrosse and hockey.

“I think it’s important for Kinlee to be involved in lacrosse because it creates a sense of pride within herself and has allowed her to gain amazing friendships. Kinlee has been very lucky to have such an amazing coach, Taryn Larson. Taryn has been a huge role model for Kinlee and has really given her the confidence to be a girl playing lacrosse”, says Kinlee’s mom.

This will be Kinlee’s third year planning on the Queens Lacrosse, which she claims to be the best team in Regina! Her enthusiasm for her team and sport is seen on and off the field, as Kinlee mentions it bores her to watch sports on TV as she’d rather be in the action and playing. Queens Lacrosse is an all-girls team in Regina that provides equitable access to the sport of lacrosse for females.

Kinlee’s mom affirms “Since Kinlee started playing lacrosse not only has she grown within the sport but she has grown so much at home. Kinlee has become more confident, independent and has truly gained an understanding of what respect really means.”

Kinlee believes that sport has taught her to work hard at what you love and has one thing to say to KidSport: “Thank you so much for helping kids like me play!”

KidSport is a children’s charity dedicated to assisting children of families facing financial obstacles to participate in community sports programs. The charity believes no kid should be left on the sidelines.


With support from K+S Potash Canada, KidSport Saskatchewan is able to fund every lacrosse application in the province of Saskatchewan and provide youth and future leaders with access to participate in the sports that they love. In 2018 alone, KidSport Saskatchewan was able to assist 12,000 kids like Kinlee.