Written by Annissa Cheyne from Children’s Wish Foundation and Avery’s Dad, Kerry

Wish Child, Avery, is one of the happiest 14-year-olds you’ll ever meet! She lives in Swift Current with her dad, Kerry, and two brothers, Keenen and Cole.  Avery is a social butterfly and loves being around family, friends and in the community. She absolutely loves music, bike rides, camping, horseback riding, and of course – swimming and being in water! “Avery is the type of kid that will brighten your day just [being] around her” says dad Kerry, “always laughing, keeping you on your toes and full of smiles!”

Through the smiles you would never know the cards that Avery and the family have been dealt. Avery was born with Rubenstien-Taybi Syndrome; a rare genetic condition characterized by growth delays, distinctive facial features, intellectual disability, abnormally broad thumbs and toes, and feeding difficulties. Avery has endured 13 major (and countless minor) surgeries, as well as dozens of extended hospital stays. If the stress of the medical procedures wasn’t enough, Avery was only 8 years old when she suddenly lost her mom (and caregiver) six years ago.


Through it all, the family strives to make the absolute best of every single day. Avery adores her full-time caregiver, Andrea, who joins the family at home during the week. Avery’s dad explains that his daughter has “been lucky to have many family and friends to support her, and [is] truly blessed to have built a team of specialists like no other.” One of those specialists is a very special Coordinator of Care, Dr. Heather Hodgson-Viden, or ‘Dr. Heather’, as she prefers to be called! Dr. Heather is not only an incredible pediatrician, she holds an active place on the Charity Advisory Board for the Children’s Wish Foundation and began the Wish referral process for Avery.

Deciding on a Wish to best suit Avery took a lot of consideration. In addition to asking Avery herself, the family consulted friends, loved ones and of course, thought about what Avery’s mom would have chosen. All discussions lead to the best suited Wish possible – to have her very own hot tub! 

Avery’s Wish came true this summer when her very own Beachcomber hot tub was delivered and installed in their backyard.

“Anyone who knows Avery knows she LOVES the water,” says Avery’s dad, Kerry. “We are beyond thrilled that her Wish has come to fruition and she [has] something to call all her own that brings her true joy! Avery deserves the world and this [Wish] helps make that happen. When there are tough days ahead, she will be able to jump in her hot tub and have her worries and struggles calmed, as the water is so soothing for her. We are so thankful for everyone who played a part in making her wish come true. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and appreciate everything you do! Our hearts are full and we’re warm (literally) with excitement.”

Children’s Wish and Avery’s family would like to thank local vendors and Wish supporters, Wheatland Machine Shop and Riverside Electric for their help with the delivery and installation of this magical Wish.

Wishes work wonders when communities come together, and we are so happy for you Avery!


K+S Potash Canada is honoured to partner with Children’s Wish Foundation, Saskatchewan Chapter so that they can continue doing what they do best: granting young children the opportunity to realize their greatest wishes, and providing hope and joy to deserving families in our province.