K+S Potash Canada considers the full lifecycle of our facilities, with the goal of sustainable, future oriented development, protecting local biodiversity, and proactively managing environmental outcomes. We identify and assess potential interactions of our business with people and the environment, applying appropriate mitigation measures, and actively monitoring and managing our operations at all stages.


KSPC is committed to biodiveristy. The Bethune Mine Site is in prairie grasslands ecoregion, a natural home to a diverse range of vegetation and wildlife.

We continue to work toward biodiversity goals by:

  • On-site construction monitoring for wildlife and rare plants
  • On-going tracking of potential impacts
  • Mitigation planning
  • Partnerships with NCC DUC

Ongoing water management

As part of its ongoing commitment to the Environment, KSPC monitors water quality and consumption at the Bethune Site. Water is a valuable resource, not only for the environment and biodiversity, but also for other activities that occur within the region of the Bethune Mine, such as cattle farming, agriculture, and recreational activities. KSPC continually monitors the quality of water within and around the mine site. A large network of groundwater monitoring wells monitors the quality of groundwater in the vicinity of the mine. Surface water monitoring tracks the quality of water in wetlands in the well field.

Within the plant, water consumption is tracked, and KSPC looks to minimize water usage wherever possible. Drainage around the plant and tailings area is carefully controlled to ensure that any impacted water is kept on site and recycled into the process, and surface water diversions keep any unimpacted water in the natural environment where it belongs.

waste & tailings

Managing waste and tailings generated from mining and processing potash is an important step in protecting the environment. KSPC has an engineered tailings storage facility that is well monitored with geotechnical monitoring equipment to ensure the tailings pile is operated safely and sustainably. KSPC is in the process of construction an engineered slurry wall around the tailings management facility to control wastewater and further protect the environment. The Bethune Facility has a decommissioning and reclamation plan for end of life mine planning.

Other waste streams, such as general waste and hazardous waste, are collected and removed from site by approved waste haulers for disposal. In the interest of sustainability, KSPC has a waste management plan that encourages the segregation of waste and recycling where possible. Paper, cardboard, clean wood, metals, electronics, and batteries, are just some of the recyclable waste streams that are tracked on site.