K+S Potash Canada considers the full lifecycle of our facilities, with the goal of sustainable, future oriented development, protecting local biodiversity, and proactively managing environmental outcomes. We identify and assess potential interactions of our business with people and the environment, applying appropriate mitigation measures, and actively monitoring and managing our operations at all stages.


Nature Conservancy of Canada Grassland Offset Project

In Fall 2016, K+S Potash Canada contributed almost $1 million to Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in an agreement ensuring native grasslands that had been impacted by the development of Bethune mine would be offset through the purchase and preservation of high-value grassland elsewhere in Saskatchewan. This was the largest known grasslands industry investment of this kind in Saskatchewan.


Ducks Unlimited Wetlands Offset Project

In Spring 2017, K+S Potash Canada committed over $2.8 million in funding for wetland conservation through an agreement with Ducks Unlimited Canada. This agreement ensured that wetlands impacted by Bethune mine would be offset through the restoration and preservation of wetlands across Saskatchewan. This is the largest known wetland industry offset in Saskatchewan’s history.