Bethune Emergency Response Team Wins Surface Competitions at Mine Rescue Competition in Moose Jaw


K+S Potash Canada is excited to share that our Bethune Provincial Emergency Response Team placed first in the Overall surface competition, first in the Fire Fighting surface competition, and first in the Practical Skills surface competition at the Saskatchewan Mining Association’s 50th Annual Mine Rescue Skills Competition in Moose Jaw on June 2, 2018.

The competition brought together teams from many of Saskatchewan’s mining companies and is a respected event in the mining community.

The purpose of the competition was to highlight the skills required to perform rescue operations in a mining environment; to motivate the participants to train intensively until the use of respiratory protective equipment, emergency tools, firefighting and First Aid procedures become second nature; to encourage team members to practice standard and precise teamwork until each member of the team is thoroughly familiar with their role when responding to an emergency; to evaluate and compare the effectiveness and quality of the Emergency Response Program and to allow rescue personnel to exchange information and ideas in regard to mine rescue; to give instructors the opportunity to observe the members of their team in a stressful situation which is as close as it can be without being a real emergency response situation; to allow teams to meet members of other teams who they may be involved with in a real emergency response situation; and to provide instructors with further means of networking and to educate the public.

This was the first time that KSPC competed in this competition and we are so proud of all of their hard work! Congratulations team!