2 Million Hours Worked without a Lost Time Injury

For KSPC, health and safety is the first priority. On May 14, the company reached 2 million hours without a lost time injury, the first significant safety goal set for the Legacy project. “In the last year, we haven’t had a lost time injury,” said Colin Braithwaite, VP, Health, Safety & Security at KSPC.

Each person’s hours are counted individually. This means that the bigger the project, the faster such milestones may be reached. Including contractors, there are currently over 1000 people at the Legacy site and that number is growing daily over the busy summer construction months. Based on the project’s current size, this milestone is substantial.

Braithwaite notes that without the teamwork and commitment of KSPC, AMEC, and the project’s construction and service contractors, “This milestone would not have been achieved.”

Brett Welder, Manager, Health, Safety, & Security, presents Malerie Kostiuk, Legacy Coordination Specialist, an embroidered blue tote bag. All KSPC employees received the gift in recognition of their contribution to the significant safety milestone.

KSPC’s commitment to safety also contributes to sustainability and benefits the environment. “We always talk about safety, but I think the other piece is that these contractors are also very conscious of the environment,” said Braithwaite. “Environment is such a big part of health and safety.”

As a company, KSPC has had the opportunity to build its safety culture anew. “Not many people get to start a project from scratch. We had a clean slate,” said Braithwaite.

Even more than a freshly constructed culture, Braithwaite credits the dedication of every single person at site for the achievement of this milestone:

“We put ownership on everybody. I might be the one that has the title, but it’s within everybody that works with KSPC that they take the ownership, that safety is paramount, and that our culture is being driven by each employee and contractor working with us.”