Why build your career with K+S Potash Canada?

At K+S Potash Canada we know that our greatest strength is our employees, and it shows.

From the moment you become part of our diverse team, YOUR opinion matters. Each day you will be engaged for your suggestions, ideas & input and we will utilize the best ideas – your ideas!

Your engagement is key to our success; you will find new, exciting and innovative techniques, tools and practices to make your work challenging and fulfilling.

More than that, you can feel pride in being part of an established, international company, and innovative team. Join us in building a legacy that will have a significant impact on the province of Saskatchewan.

We're growing Saskatchewan, and welcome YOU to come grow with US.

YOU Benefits PLUS+ Learning & Development Opportunities Performance & Recognition Total Target Compensation

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Total Target Compensation

As an organization we ensure that our compensation package is competitive and benchmarked to the market in which we compete for talent. Our total target compensation package is based on a Pay for Performance philosophy.
The total target compensation includes two components, fixed (base) pay and short term incentive (bonus) that rewards employees for their contributions towards corporate, team and individual successes.

YOU Benefits PLUS+ Learning & Development Opportunities Performance & Recognition Total Target Compensation

Click on the 'Plus' to learn more about why K+S Potash Canada is a great place to work.


K+S Potash Canada values you as an employee, and has a diverse total pay package comprised of competitive pay, benefits, performance and recognition, training and development.  Our employees are at the core of our organization.


YOU Benefits PLUS+ Learning & Development Opportunities Performance & Recognition Total Target Compensation

Click on the 'Plus' to learn more about why K+S Potash Canada is a great place to work.

Benefits PLUS+

K+S Potash Canada offers a comprehensive, employer paid,  benefits program which includes Life, Disability, Health and Dental as well as competitive Retirement benefits PLUS a few extras such as:

  • Paid work time to help out in the Community (volunteer with a sports team or for a charity of your choice) and company money to allocate to your favourite charity!
  • A Health Spending Account that pays for extras, like more expensive glasses, and the Wellness Account covers recreational items, like your park camping fees, hunting or fishing license, and can help you pay for your gym membership.
  • Employee Family and Assistance Program supporting health at work, home and in life through counselling and various online services.
  • PLUS days – five days (40 hours) to use as you see fit (take care of family, enjoy a long weekend or have a “me” day.)
  • Two extra days at two years of service and an additional three days at five years with our competitive vacation policy. You'll be up to four weeks after five years.
YOU Benefits PLUS+ Learning & Development Opportunities Performance & Recognition Total Target Compensation

Click on the 'Plus' to learn more about why K+S Potash Canada is a great place to work.

Performance & Recognition

Why is Performance and Recognition important at K+S Potash Canada?

  • Contribute to your team – be part of a collaborative culture.
  • Performance is rewarded with increases in base pay and bonus.
  • Recognition for working towards safety goals and an environment where everyone looks out for each other.

The K+S Potash Canada Personal Success Plans (PSP) are an ongoing practice of conversation, observation, assessment, feedback and development planning to ensure employee success, team success and organizational success. Through clarity, competence, commitment and connection, K+S Potash Canada leads with objectives and encourages and supports employees. We talk with one another, trust each other and together we act purposefully to support and design change.
At K+S Potash Canada we are committed to helping you be your best.

YOU Benefits PLUS+ Learning & Development Opportunities Performance & Recognition Total Target Compensation

Click on the 'Plus' to learn more about why K+S Potash Canada is a great place to work.

Learning & Development Opportunities

K+S Potash Canada

  • Supports you towards upgrading your skills and qualifications by attending workshops, conferences, training or other professional development events.
  • Encourages employee involvement in professional and trade associations.
  • Provides opportunities for you to learn about advancements in the field you work in.

The ongoing professional development of staff is an integral component in the growth of our employees and the growth of K+S Potash Canada. We consider these activities a 'joint investment' because they are beneficial to the company as well as employees.

YOU Benefits PLUS+ Learning & Development Opportunities Performance & Recognition Total Target Compensation

Click on the 'Plus' to learn more about why K+S Potash Canada is a great place to work.

US on Us

K+S hires the best we can find, and then we help the best become even better. But don't take our word for it. We asked our staff what it's like working for K+S Potash Canada.

From my first day at K+S I was impressed with the depth of our operations. K+S oversees each element of our process from research to extraction to distribution, and does it efficiently and responsibly. I am proud to be part of a company that delivers value and values environmental sustainability in all that we do, and I'm very proud to be part of the Legacy Project.

Jochen Kirn
Manager, Engineering Integration

Working for K+S gives me the opportunity to be part of a company that is growing our province. Each day I have the privilege of seeing Aboriginal ideals and perspectives integrated into the fabric of K+S, and I get to work alongside a great team of professional and courteous people!

Terry Bird
First Nations & Métis Business Coordinator

Sponsorship & Donations

K+S Potash Canada is proud to support the communities in which we live and work.

The three main areas in which we provide support are:


The next generation is our legacy and we support community projects and programs for youth that let them grow in the areas of physical fitness and arts and culture; as well as health initiatives focused on research and the wellbeing of all children.

Environmental sustainability:

We value the environment and are happy to support programs and initiatives designed to protect and preserve nature.

Employment and skills training:

A strong community starts from within, and to that end we support projects that encourage skills training, particularly in trades, engineering and geosciences.

Application Process

Please contact K+S with your request for sponsorship or donation and be sure to include as many details as you can so that your application can be processed quickly and efficiently.

K+S Potash Canada
ATTN: Sponsorships and Donations
300-201 21st St E
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7K 0B8



Review Process

We review sponsorship and donation requests as we receive them. Please allow at least 8-12 weeks for your request to be reviewed. We will contact you once we have reached a final decision.

Please note that, unfortunately, K+S Potash Canada will not provide funding to religious groups, religiously affiliated groups, political parties or political fundraising.

K+S Potash Canada Legacy Scholarship

The K+S Potash Canada Legacy Scholarship supports Aboriginal students in their pursuit of education and higher learning. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic excellence and financial need.


To apply, click on your institution:


Get to know US

Get to know us. Discover more about K+S and The Legacy Project, and find all the news and resources you need.

About K+S Potash Canada

Growing Saskatchewan – Feeding the World

K+S Potash Canada is part of the K+S Group, an international resources company that has been mining and processing mineral raw materials for 125 years.

K+S is bringing that experience and world-class expertise to work on the Legacy Project potash mine and production facility near Moose Jaw. This project will bring new jobs and new opportunities to the province – an investment in the province and people of Saskatchewan.

Headquartered in downtown Saskatoon, K+S Potash Canada is proud to be part of Saskatchewan’s extraordinary growth!

Click here for more information on K+S Group.

Vision & Mission


Creating a Legacy


Developing and operating our Canadian potash business in a sustainable manner


Get to know our management team

Ulrich Lamp
President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ulrich Lamp joined the K+S Group in 1987, after which time he headed the IT department at K+S Aktiengesellschaft, before becoming Managing Director of K+S IT Services GmbH in 2000. Beginning in 2011 Dr. Lamp took over the management of the Legacy Integration, incorporating K+S Potash Canada into the K+S Group. Currently Dr. Lamp serves as President and CEO of K+S Potash Canada. Dr. Lamp is married, and has three children.

Luis E. Mendoza
Chief Financial Officer

Luis Mendoza joined the K+S group in 1988. His first assignment was with Potash Company of Canada (Potacan) in Toronto, as Manager in the International Sales area. He later worked for K+S North America in New York as Vice President responsible for Finance/Accounting, IT and International Sales. In March 2011, Luis assumes the position of Chief Financial Officer and Compliance Officer for K+S Potash Canada. Luis is married to Mariola and has two sons, Giancarlo and Renzo and a lovely grandson Daniel. Luis and Mariola enjoy traveling and outdoor activities.

Terri Uhrich
General Counsel

Terri has practised law in-house in a variety of positions for over 15 years, with the last five years in the Saskatchewan mining industry. Before practising law Terri worked in the field of geology for a number of years. Both Terri’s Bachelor of Science degree (with Honours in Geology) and Bachelor of Laws degree are from the University of Saskatchewan. Terri is married with one daughter and two very rambunctious dogs who fill up her spare time.

Kim Poley
Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Services

A resident of Saskatchewan all her life, Kim is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan and has been a Certified Human Resource Professional since 2002. Prior to joining K+S Kim has worked for both Potash and Uranium mining companies. Kim has also been an active member of numerous local, provincial and national HR associations. Kim divides her spare time driving between horseback riding arenas and hockey rinks with her two children.

Eric Cline
Vice President, Land and Sustainable Development

Eric Cline joined K+S Potash Canada as Corporate Counsel in April 2012 and was named Vice President, Corporate Social Activity in December 2012. A lifelong resident of Saskatchewan, Eric came to K+S after a successful career in the private practice of law and 16 years' service in the Saskatchewan Legislature including appointments as the province's Minister of Finance and Minister of Industry. Eric holds a Queen's Counsel designation as a lawyer and is active in various community organizations. He and his wife Pauline reside in Saskatoon.

Sam Farris
Vice President and General Manager of Operations

Sam Farris joined K+S Potash Canada in August 2011 as Production Manager, and was appointed Vice President and General Manager of Operations in July 2012. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Thermal Science, both from the University of Saskatchewan. He has over a decade of solution mining experience. He and his wife Lynette, along with their two sons, enjoy taking vacations to unique Canadian destinations where they can camp, hike, bike, and ski.

Colin Braithwaite
Vice President Health, Safety, and Security

Colin has over 15 years’ experience in a variety of progressive leadership roles. Colin’s education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science; various diplomas, and most recently a master’s certificate in Risk Management and Business Performance from the Schulich School of Business at York University. Colin was born and raised in Saskatoon but has resided in numerous locations across Canada including: Calgary, Regina, Toronto and St. Catharines. He is married and is the proud father of two beautiful daughters.

Gernot Wittig
Vice President, Procurement

Prior to K+S, Gernot worked on large international construction projects in leading commercial functions. Gernot has filled senior management positions in construction companies around the world. He brings a solid background in project management and contracts to the Legacy Project. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife and teenage son, in and around Saskatoon.

Markus Midden
Vice President, Engineering

Markus has more than 15 years of experience in engineering, operation, and commissioning, mainly in the oil and gas and power generation industries. He joined the potash industry in 2007. He and his family moved from Germany to Saskatoon in 2012 to support the K+S Potash Canada project team, and in October 2014, Markus assumed the role of Vice President of Engineering. He and his wife, Anja, love to spend time with their two children, Jette and Hennes, who have spent most of their lives in Saskatoon.

Gerd Dahlhoff
Vice President, Controls

Prior to the Legacy Project, Dr. Gerd Dahlhoff has worked for many years on large international chemical and polymer construction projects for a large global corporation. Gerd worked in leading management and control functions in projects in Europe and Asia. He brings a solid background in project management and project and corporate controls to the Legacy Project. Gerd is married to Andrea and has two young daughters, who enjoy their new home in Canada.

The Legacy Project Overview

K+S is putting its more than one hundred years of mining experience and world-class expertise to work on the Legacy Project, a potash mine and production facility being built near Moose Jaw. It will be the first new greenfield potash mine built in Saskatchewan in nearly forty years.

Commissioning is targeted for the summer of 2016, and K+S projects to reach the two-million-tonnes-mark of production capacity at the new location at the end of 2017. The Legacy Project will mean new job opportunities for Saskatchewan workers, and new business opportunities for Saskatchewan companies supplying goods and services to this major economic development.

K+S is growing Saskatchewan, while providing the potash that is needed to help feed a growing world population.

Legacy is located in the RM of Dufferin #190, near Bethune and Findlater, and will contribute to Saskatchewan’s growth through employment, tax revenues, utilities and local partnerships.”

Solution Mining

What is Solution Mining?

Solution mining is the process of mining underground water-soluble minerals by dissolving the minerals with water. The mineral-rich solution (called brine) is then extracted from the ground and the minerals are recovered from it.

For each cavern, two boreholes are directionally-drilled from a pad at the surface so that the wells are spaced about 80m apart at a depth of 1,500m. For the development process, a casing is inserted into each well to enable circulation of water and dissolve minerals first as a sump and finally connect the wells into a single cavern.

At this point, the production process can begin. Hot water is continuously pumped down one well, where it continues to dissolve the minerals into sodium chloride and potassium chloride-rich brine, which is pushed up the second well to the surface.

Once on the surface, the brine is processed at our facility. Using the differences in solubility for sodium and potassium chloride, the brine is concentrated and salt and potash subsequently crystallized through evaporation and vacuum cooling crystallization. The final products are finished in the dry plant, before they go to storage and train loading. As the solution mining process is water-and-energy-intensive, great efforts have been taken to conserve and re-use as much of the natural resources as possible.

The Legacy Project Timeline

Use the timeline below to learn more about The Legacy Project, from its start right up to the most current event. Be sure to check back for updates in the future.



Acquisition Potash One (incl. approved Environmental Impact Statement and further exploration licenses)



Completion of Feasibility Study Review



Site presence established, incl. access roads, construction power etc.



Ground Breaking Ceremony at the Legacy Site



Water supply from Buffalo Pound Lake operational



Contract for design/supply of core equipment of the Evaporation, Crystallization & Clarification plant with Veolia Water Tech.



Start of the long-term drilling program; development of first cavern ongoing



Start of the main construction program, incl. earthworks, first piling activities, as well as plant site & offsite utility (e.g. gas supply) works



Drilling of the first two production pads (2 x 18 wells) completed



Rail contract with Canadian Pacific signed



Completion of Basic Engineering for all areas of the project



Piling & foundation work is starting site wide: first steel structures for facilities needed for development of production caverns



Test cavern successfully connected; Contract for Detailed Engineering and Project Management with AMEC



Detailed Engineering at its peak; plant construction is ramping-up significantly: ~ 900 people on site (thereof approx. 750 contractors); structures will begin to take shape



Development of production caverns starts



Plant reaches full construction: ~ 1,700 people on site (thereof approx. 1,500 contractors); main buildings erected, work starts inside the buildings; rail construction begins offsite; cavern development is in full swing



Construction of port facilities nears completion





End of the year

Expected rate of 2 million tonnes per year by the end of the year and 2.86 million tonnes in subsequent years

Key Partners & Suppliers

The Legacy Project could not be successful without the assistance of our valuable partners.

RM of Dufferin #190

Development Agreement

AMEC Americas Inc.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management (EPCM)

Associated Engineering

Design and Project Management, Road Improvements


Marketing and Communications

March Tron

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management (EPCM)

Community and Economic Benefits

K+S Potash Canada is committed to contributing to Saskatchewan’s economic growth, being an active part of the community and being a responsible neighbour.

Economic Growth Impacts

Some of the many economic benefits and opportunities of the Legacy Project include:

  • Increased employment, labour income, tax base and population of surrounding communities
  • New tax revenues from the project at all levels of government (local, provincial and national)
  • A construction workforce peaking at around 1,800 in 2015; approximately 300 permanent jobs when in production in 2017
  • New business opportunities for Saskatchewan companies supplying goods and services to a major industrial development

Community Engagement

Engaging and involving people who could be or are affected by the Legacy Project is an important part of our business. Since the initial phases of the Legacy Project, building meaningful relationships continues to be a focus.

Examples include:

  • The general public (e.g. local communities, communities of interest, landowners, and residents);
  • First Nations and Métis communities.

Engagement activities were initiated in the second quarter of 2008, and are expected to continue throughout the Legacy Project’s life. Engagement activities include presentations, community information sessions, group meetings, one-on-one meetings, site visits, supplier development forums and collaboration on contracts and employment with First Nations and Métis communities and individuals.


K+S takes the long view on any project, in the interest of protecting both people and the environment.

K+S Potash Canada strives to develop our projects and conduct operations according to the foundational principle that the requirements of economic success, scheduling and development must always be in balance with the prerequisites of health, safety, and the environment. We consider the full lifecycle of our projects when developing facilities, with the goal of sustainable, future oriented development, protecting local biodiversity and proactively managing health, safety and environmental outcomes for the benefit of all stakeholders and the community at large. We seek to do this by identifying and assessing potential interactions of our business with people and the environment, applying appropriate mitigation measures, and actively monitoring and managing our operations at all stages. We also strive to continually improve our processes over time.

K+S in the News

Sign up for up-to-date news, Press Releases and media about K+S Potash Canada and the Legacy Project.


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Germany’s K+S Group sets its sights on the province

February/March 2012

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K+S Potash Canada Opens the Legacy Camp

June 6, 2014

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Mining Supply Chain Tradeshow in Moose Jaw

November 2011

- K+S Potash Canada Announces Capital Expenditure Approval

Open House Bethune May '11

May 2011

- First Community Open House of K+S Potash Canada

Video Gallery


Discover why our new headquarters in Saskatoon is great for employees and the community!


Watch our new corporate video and discover why K+S Potash Canada is a great place to work!


Curtis, our Cavern Development Engineer, talks about his experience working for K+S Potash Canada.


Local Moose Jaw notables speak about their experience working with K+S Potash Canada.


Nadeem, our Scheduler, talks about his experience working for K+S Potash Canada.


Steph, our Human Resources Advisor, talks about her experience working for K+S Potash Canada.

Ground Breaking Ceremony 19 June 2012

K+S Potash Canada celebrated the official Ground Breaking on the Legacy Site


Video of the Ground Breaking Ceremony (1:30 min)

Norbert Steiner, CEO of K+S, during is speech at the Ground Breaking Ceremony

Norbert Steiner, CEO of K+S, during is speech at the Ground Breaking Ceremony in front of about 300 guests

Tim McMillan, Minister of Resources of the province of Saskatchewan during his speech at the GBC

Dr. Ulrich Lamp (first left), incoming CEO and President of K+S Potash Canada, Tim McMillan, Minister of Resources of Saskatchewan (second left), Norbert Steiner ...(Second right), Richard Wilson, outgoing CEO and President of K+S Potash Canada (right) officially break ground on the Legacy Site

Minister of Resources of Saskatchewan, Tim McMillan (left) and Norbert Steiner, CEO of K+S (right) at the GBC

The Legacy construction site with drilling rig in the South of the province of Saskatchewan, aerial view

Opportunities with K+S

Thank-you for your interest in a career with K+S Potash Canada! Join our diverse team and share in our success by applying for one of the positions below.

Already have a career profile? Review your account here.

RSS feed Career Opportunities

Contractor Opportunities

Interested in an opportunity with one of our contractors?

K+S Potash Canada is pleased to partner with a variety of contractors on the Legacy Project. If you are interested in working on the Legacy Project, below is a list of vendors with current job opportunities at the Legacy Project mine site.



Looking for Project Management / Coordination, Schedulers / Planners, Site Administration, Environmental, Health and Safety, Quality Control / Assurance and Senior Site Supervision (Superintendents)
Phone: 1-800-669-2083


Ames Construction

Looking for various management and trade positions.
For complete details please visit amesconstruction.com


Looking for Kitchen Staff, Front Desk, Housekeeper, Maintenance, Laundry Attendant, Management
Fax: 403-292-7603


Looking for Estimators, Project Managers, and Superintendents.
Please visit www.pcl.com/careers to find available positions.

Working in Maintenance


The Maintenance Team

Employees at the Legacy Project are dedicated to becoming the most respected potash mining operation in Saskatchewan – focusing on people, performance and sustainability. For the Maintenance team at the Legacy Project, near Bethune (40km from either Moose Jaw or Regina), this vision is at the heart of the work performed on a daily basis. The Maintenance team at the Legacy Project site has a critical role to play in ensuring start up stays on schedule.

Key areas

The Maintenance group has four key areas
  • Reliability
  • Plant Engineering
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Maintenance

At an early stage of the project the decision was made to use an area based Maintenance program. Area based maintenance facilitates teamwork and cooperation between trades and between production and maintenance and when done properly results in a safer, more productive and cost efficient operation.

Area based Maintenance will create ownership in the people that work in the area because they will treat it as their own. It will help in determining maintenance schedules and activity planning for each area. Teams are more specialised and focused, this leads to quicker learning curve and development of competencies.

The process plant at the Legacy site will be brand new when production starts. Newer plants tend to be cleaner and better illuminated. In addition, the team has spent a lot more time identifying, analyzing and planning maintenance requirements so work activities are better planned efficient for Production. This also usually means less brute force effort required by tradespeople as they “work smarter, not harder”.


What is a typical workweek?

The Maintenance area at Legacy will have two shifts for tradespeople as follows:

A regular day shift for site employees is comprised of a compressed workweek which includes a 9/80 working schedule (eighty hours in nine days with the tenth day off) of Monday to Thursday 7:00 am to 4:30 pm and Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.
In addition, we will have a 24/7 shift.

Please see the Sample Shift Schedule (pdf).


What experience do I need?

New to Industry?

Within the Maintenance team, you can progress from an apprentice to a senior role (including lead hand or supervisor) as you gain the needed skills in your career. The progression is based on the ability to acquire new skills, expand your abilities, and your performance.

Experienced Trade?

At the start of your career with K+S Potash Canada you are focused on building technical knowledge and skills. As you progress, you transition to a broader focus in providing leadership and sharing your knowledge and skills to the team. 


Download: Career Path (pdf)


Curious about what it’s like to work at K+S? Awesome, welcoming, fun, challenging…are just a few of the words used to describe working at K+S. Watch the testimonial video to learn more.



Working in Production


Are you interested in becoming an Operator at the Legacy mine site?

Read more about the duties, experience and interactions you would have as an Operator with K+S Potash Canada.

Who will I be working with?

There are five main operating areas at Legacy: Tank Farm/Utilities, Evaporation, Wet End, Dry End and Loadout. There are five crews which are scheduled to cover these areas and all work the same schedule. There is area supervision on each of the five crews. Each area has three to five operators splitting their efforts between the panel and the field.

What work will be performed in each area?

  • Process – this team works primarily in the laboratory and includes the Process Analysts (lab) who perform chemical and physical analysis for all areas of KSPC Legacy operations.
  • Dry End – Operators in the Dry End work with bulk solids transportation equipment (belts, drags, bucket elevators, etc.), compactors, crushers, screens, treatment systems, warehouses, weigh system and all rail yard equipment and assets.
  • Wet End – Operators in the Wet End work with equipment such as the five stage cooling DTB type crystallizer type system, liquid and slurry pumping systems, centrifuges, cyclones, leaching, KCL 99 production, rotary dryer / combustion system / bag house, thickener, heat exchanges, barometric condensers, reclaim dredges.
  • Evaporation – Operators in the Evaporation area will run multiple-effect evaporator systems, liquid and slurry pumping systems, centrifuges, thermocompressors, heat exchangers, condensers, clarifier, and reagent systems.
  • Utilities – Panel/Field Operators (Power Engineers) are responsible for the safe operation of the Utilities and Tank Farm Area Equipment. This equipment includes: natural gas fired watertube boilers, gas turbine with heat recovery steam generator, air compressors, cooling towers, high pressure injection pumps, central heating and cooling systems.

The process plant at the Legacy site will be brand new when production starts. Newer plants tend to be cleaner and better illuminated. In addition, the team has spent a lot more time identifying, analyzing and planning requirements so work activities are more efficient for Production.


What is a typical workweek?

The Operators are on a four shift rotation plus a dedicated training shift which ensures continuous operation of the facility, planned monthly training and work-life balance. Operating will be split into Panel and Field Operators, ensuring all members of each crew work together with training to complete all tasks interchangeably. The responsibility of meeting pre-determined KPI’s are with the operating groups which includes continual improvement and best practices. 

Sample Shift Schedule (pdf)

What interaction will I have with other areas?

The Panel Operators for each area all work out of a single control room, with the exception of Loadout (Loadout building). Radio communication will be maintained within the areas. The communication within the control room will be open and interactive.


What experience do I need?

New to Industry?

At K+S Potash Canada, you can progress from the Trainee level to a Supervisory level in your career as an Operator. The progression is based on the ability to acquire new skills – you set the pace of your career! At the start of your career you are focused on building technical skills and knowledge through working with different types of equipment, assisting the team and day to day interaction with Supervisors.

You will develop knowledge and skills to perform in your area and over time obtain problem-solving skills allowing you to gain confidence in working independently.

Experienced Operator?

As you develop a high level of technical knowledge and well-honed skills you will advance to more senior levels where you can directly contribute to improvements and efficiencies within the work area. This will translate into roles leading people, participating in projects and overseeing the daily operation of the Evaporation, Wet-end or Dry-end areas.


Download: Career Path (pdf)


Interested in working in Production at K+S? Watch the videos below to learn more a few of our current employees working in Production at the Legacy site.


Hear from Olivia who works within the Production team
as a Process Analyst:



Hear from Greg who works within the Production team
as a Utilities Operator:



Hear from Sheldon who works within the Production team
as a Wellfield Operator:



Hear from Kelly who works within the Production team
as a Wellfield Operator:



Hear from Darren who works with the Production team
as a Wellfield Operator:



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