K+S Potash Canada is committed to developing and sustaining positive relationships with local Indigenous people and communities by proactively exploring ways to continually improve upon our work throughout a broad spectrum of our daily business activities.

We are committed to:

  • Having long lasting and deeply rooted relationships with the local Indigenous people and communities in the regions where we work
  • Employing a leadership team and workforce that endorses these commitments and strives to engage local Indigenous people and communities such that KSPC becomes a primary example for other organizations to follow
  • Employing a diverse workforce that is representative of Indigenous people, reflective of the overall populations of locations within which KSPC operates, and is educated about KSPC’s local Indigenous communities
  • Being a respectful environmental steward of the treaty territory on which its mine operates
  • Sourcing and aligning the direct procurement opportunities of KSPC, as well as the indirect procurement opportunities of KSPC’s contractors, to local Indigenous businesses with a goal of further developing local Indigenous business capacity for long term mutual benefits of the local Indigenous communities and KSPC
  • Supporting community investment opportunities that align with the values of local Indigenous communities and of KSPC

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