Indigenous Relations Policy

KSPC is committed to developing and sustaining positive relationships with local Indigenous people and communities, with a particular focus on the areas where we work. The objective of the Indigenous Relations policy is to ensure that KSPC substantively incorporates, and proactively explores ways to continually improve upon KSPC’s work with, local Indigenous communities throughout a broad spectrum of our daily business activities.

The foundation of KSPC’s Indigenous Relations Policy is to build and sustain positive relationships with local Indigenous communities in the areas where we operate. KSPC believes in collaborating with and involving local Indigenous people and communities in our business. This perspective fits within our values, is the right thing to do, and will pay dividends in terms of opportunity growth for KSPC and the local communities. Our company’s investment in this policy will contribute to greater regional economic development and the unlocking of greater employment and business potential.

KSPC will fulfill the commitments outlined within this policy with sincerity, integrity, transparency, and visibility in the public space.

Our Commitments

  • KSPC is committed to having long lasting and deeply rooted relationships with the local Indigenous people and communities in the regions where we work

  • KSPC is committed to employing a leadership team and workforce that endorses these commitments and strives to engage local Indigenous people and communities such that KSPC becomes a primary example for other organizations to follow

  • KSPC is committed to employing a diverse workforce that is representative of Indigenous people, reflective of the overall populations of locations within which KSPC operates, and is educated about KSPC’s local Indigenous communities

  • KSPC is committed to being a respectful environmental steward of the treaty territory on which its mine operates

  • KSPC is committed to sourcing and aligning the direct procurement opportunities of KSPC, as well as the indirect procurement opportunities of KSPC’s contractors, to local Indigenous businesses with a goal of further developing local Indigenous business capacity for long term mutual benefits of the local Indigenous communities and KSPC

  • KSPC is committed to supporting community investment opportunities that align with the values of local Indigenous communities and of KSPC


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