Our Production Team

The Wellfield encompasses the pipeline and cavern network that is used to mine the raw potash ore. Operators and Engineers working in the wellfield are responsible for actively managing the cavern inventory that supplies brine to the process plant.

Additionally, there are three main operating areas at Bethune mine: Utilities, Wet Processing and Dry Processing. There are five crews arranged to operate these areas and all work the same schedule. There is area supervision on each of the five crews, and each area has three to five operators splitting their efforts between the panel and the field. In addition to the operating areas, there is a specialized support team (Process Group) in Production.

The following work is performed in each area:

  • Utilities: Panel/Field Operators (Power Engineers) are responsible for the safe operation of the Utilities and Tank Farm Area Equipment. This equipment includes: natural gas fired watertube boilers, gas turbine with heat recovery steam generator, air compressors, cooling towers, high pressure injection pumps, fire alarm/system, and central heating and cooling systems.
  • Wet Processing: Consists of the “sub-areas” of Evaporation, Debrining/Drying, Cooling Pond and TMA Operation. Operators in these “sub-areas” run multiple-effect evaporator systems, liquid and slurry pumping systems, centrifuges, thermocompressors, heat exchangers, condensers, clarifier, reagent systems, crystallizers, cyclones, leaching, KCl 99 production, rotary dryer / combustion system / bag house, thickener, heat exchanges, barometric condensers, cooling pond, reclaim dredges, and salt tailings area.
  • Dry Processing: Operators here work with bulk solids transportation equipment (belts, drags, bucket elevators, etc.), compactors, crushers, screens, treatment systems, warehouses, weigh systems and all rail yard equipment and assets.
  • Process Group: This team consists of Process Engineers and Process Analysts. The Analysts work primarily in the laboratory and perform chemical and physical analysis for all areas of KSPC Bethune operations, while the Process Engineers provide technical troubleshooting, design support, quality control, Operations and Area reporting status for the Plant.

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