Food for Thought: Improving Education with Nutrition 

For 35 years, Youth+Us partner Regina Food for Learning has provided nutritious meals for local school children. By providing a steady source of energy and vitamins, kids from challenging backgrounds gain the focus they need to improve their academic performance and open up new opportunities in their lives.

A Big Brother with a Big Impact: Vince & Cody

Vince and Cody

Vince is passionate about helping his community. He is an environmental engineer, and several years ago, he was looking for something to fill the flexible weekday schedule of his job at the time. With a desire to improve what he can for the next generation and prompting from a friend, he signed up to be an in-school mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Living the HoopLife: Ella’s Story

Sixth-grader Ella was a dedicated dancer, but even though she could do everything from ballet to hip hop, she found something was missing. Getting the chance to try her hand at basketball thanks to Youth+Us partner HoopLife led her to discover a world of teamwork, commitment, and a healthy outlet for her competitiveness.

A Whole New Life with KidSport Saskatchewan

Darius is a warm and friendly 17-year-old from Saskatoon who loves playing any sport you can think of; football, baseball, soccer, snowboarding, parkour and slacklining, martial arts, and even the occasional cliff dive. But years ago, before sport became part of his daily life, his life trajectory was much different.

Safety in a Crisis: Haven Kids’ House

As a parent, ensuring your kids have what they need – even in difficult circumstances – is always at the top of your mind. This is what Zack, a Saskatoon resident and father of two, discovered when he faced a situation that greatly impacted his family.

Inspiration for a Lifetime: Nathan Makes a Wish

Just eight years old, Nathan is a leukemia survivor with a passion for the majestic animals of the Ice Age. His dreams for science and adventure were filled in the summer of 2022, when the Make-A-Wish Foundation brought his family to Whitehorse for a week-long paleontology trip, full of mammoth bones and amazing memories.

Straight from the Heart: Rocky’s Wish

7-year-old Rocky has grown up with a deep passion for playing sports like football, ball hockey, and baseball, despite a congenital heart condition. In the summer of 2022, the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Rocky’s wish: a trip for the entire family to meet the Toronto Blue Jays, throw the first pitch in a game, and be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience.

Building a Lifelong Friendship

In only a year, 9-year-old mentee Brooklyn and her mentor Shaye – matched by Big Brothers Big Sisters – have had plenty of adventures together, building the foundations of a lifelong friendship.