Strategic Framework

K+S Potash Canada adheres to the vision and mission of our parent company, which provides the framework for today’s activities and for the strategic orientation of the Group, and explains basis for our thinking and actions to our employees, shareholders, lenders, customers, suppliers and the public.

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In 2015, K+S Potash Canada determined our core values: the values that guide how we achieve our Vision and Mission, and that drive our actions and influence our decisions. The project incorporated the input of our entire team through surveys, focus groups and a Values Discovery Advisory team, and resulted in the following core values:


We are like a family, and are committed to creating a positive, supportive and healthy workplace. We value ideas, creativity, and hard work with fun. We act with respect, fairness and trust.


We are all leaders. We demonstrate good leadership by being honest and transparent. We trust and respect one another and are accountable not only to ourselves, but everyone we work with. Leading with integrity is the motivation behind all of our actions, big or small.


We are part of a team that is integrated, inclusive, communicates effectively, gives feedback and acts courageously. We recognize each other’s achievements and share in our success. We are proud to identify as part of this diverse team.


We are committed to growth and sustainable economic success while improving our community. We are progressive and innovative, and strive to ensure the safety of all. We maintain balance with our environment, so we can be around for generations to come.

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