K+S Potash Canada receives National HR Award for Best Recruitment Program

On September 21, it was announced that K+S Potash Canada General Partnership (KSPC) won the “Best Recruitment Program” category in the 2015 National HR Awards.

KSPC has been busy recruiting for many positions throughout 2015 and is continuing to ramp up recruitment, seeking 150+ new candidates now and into the new year. Positions are mostly trades and operators with industry experience at the Legacy Project mine site.

KSPC has worked hard to develop a comprehensive recruitment process, including a targeted media campaign, boosting brand awareness, utilizing focus groups, attending job fairs, featuring our colleagues and images from the project in our ads, and spreading the message by word-of-mouth. Together, these different tactics have helped us to successfully recruit quality people to join our growing team!

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our KSPC team as a whole: every department has played an important role in contributing to our recruitment success by making K+S Potash Canada a great place to work and an exciting and attractive project for prospective applicants. This award truly recognizes the efforts of our entire team.

The National HR Awards are hosted through the Canadian HR Reporter, the trusted source of news and information for human resources professionals.

Click here to watch the video produced by the Canadian HR Reporter on KSPC’s recruitment program.