Special Guests Attend Symbolic Commissioning Event at Legacy

from K+S Potash Canada's November 2016 External Newsletter

Members of the Supervisory Board and Board of Executive Directors stand outside of the
process plant after a tour of the Legacy Project mine site.

Representatives of K+S Group’s Supervisory Board and Board of Executive Directors visited the Legacy site August 24 for a symbolic commissioning milestone celebration. Supervisory Board Chairman Ralf Bethke, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors Norbert Steiner, and KSPC President and CEO Dr. Ulrich Lamp together pressed a large green button symbolizing the commissioning milestone, in which equipment and systems are tested prior to start-up. The Legacy mine is scheduled to go into production in the spring of 2017.

“We were pleased and very excited to host both boards,’’ says Maeghan Dubois, Senior Communications Specialist at KSPC in Saskatoon. Dubois said the board members also toured the Legacy site and participated in meetings in Saskatoon during their three-day visit to Saskatchewan.

The commissioning event included a smudging ceremony completed by Nikaneet First Nation Elder Louis Oaks. “First Nations and Métis people traditionally perform a smudging ceremony to give thanks and ask for blessings,’’ says Terry Bird, Lead Advisor, First Nations and Métis Initiatives for KSPC. “On this occasion, the Elder prayed for a safe work environment for all KSPC employees and continued good relations with First Nations and Métis people.’’ Smudging ceremonies are widely practised by First Nations and Métis people. The ceremony involves the burning of sage, tobacco, sweet grass and cedar to send prayers to the Creator above, says Bird.