Finally, a Place to Call Home!

from K+S Potash Canada's June 2016 External Newsletter

Another 2016 milestone was reached at the Legacy Site this spring when more than 100 employees moved into their permanent “homes” in the brand new operations and administration buildings on site. The move came after spending many months working in temporary quarters, and brought smiles and satisfaction to many.

“People have been looking forward to this for a long time,’’ says Sam Farris, Vice President and General Manager of Operations at K+S Potash Canada (KSPC). “Some people have been working in trailers for the last four years.’’

The new administration building.

The move was facilitated by completion of the Legacy site’s operations and administration buildings. Farris says the operations building is now home to the mine’s maintenance crew and supervisors and features large maintenance bays, a fully serviced eating area, showers and change rooms. KSPC’s main process analytics lab is situated in the operations building as well, as is the central control room and the Plant Control System. “It’s the heart and hub of our operation for production and maintenance,’’ says Farris. “The central control room is where the entire plant is controlled from and the Plant Control System is what controls all of the systems.’’

Farris says on any given day approximately 60 to 70 people are working in, or out, of the operations building, while approximately 70 work in the administration building which houses all Legacy Site administration and support employees. “So that’s our management team and all the support functions such as human resources, procurement, engineering and health and safety, to name a few.’’

Farris says the move represents, “an important step in our shift to become a permanent, operating potash production organization.’’

The new operations building.