KSPC Using Shuttle Service to Transport Employees

Mon Sep 01 00:25:00 CEST 2014

For employees at KSPC’s Legacy mine site, the hour-long commute to and from work was compounded with having to drive on 20 km of gravel road. “Some people just aren’t that comfortable with driving on gravel,” said Sam Farris, VP, Operations for KSPC. “It’s also harder on vehicles than pavement is.”

After conducting a survey to gauge employees’ interest, KSPC began a trial program for a shuttle service, which began in January. In both Moose Jaw and Regina, KSPC partnered with Superstore, which provides KSPC employees who are using the shuttle with parking. After a successful trial, KSPC decided to proceed with a shuttle program on an ongoing basis.

Prior to the shuttle trial program being implemented, “People were on their own to get to work,” said Farris. As Legacy continues to grow, Farris hopes the shuttle service will be attractive to potential employees, “When you’re trying to grow and retain your workforce, it’s an effective feature to be able to offer employees.”

This positive initiative ensures a higher level of safety for employees, as well as a reduction in traffic and dust volume, changes that benefit both KSPC and the surrounding community.

Vice President of Operations, Sam Farris, stands in front
of the KSPC shuttle which helps to reduce traffic and dust near the mine site.