Working in Production

Are you interested in becoming an Operator at the Legacy mine site?

Read more about the duties, experience and interactions you would have as an Operator with K+S Potash Canada.

Who will I be working with?

There are five main operating areas at Bethune mine: Tank Farm/Utilities, Evaporation, Wet End, Dry End and Loadout. There are five crews which are scheduled to cover these areas and all work the same schedule. There is area supervision on each of the five crews. Each area has three to five operators splitting their efforts between the panel and the field.

What work will be performed in each area?

  • Process – this team works primarily in the laboratory and includes the Process Analysts (lab) who perform chemical and physical analysis for all areas of KSPC Bethune operations.
  • Dry End – Operators in the Dry End work with bulk solids transportation equipment (belts, drags, bucket elevators, etc.), compactors, crushers, screens, treatment systems, warehouses, weigh system and all rail yard equipment and assets.
  • Wet End – Operators in the Wet End work with equipment such as the five stage cooling DTB type crystallizer type system, liquid and slurry pumping systems, centrifuges, cyclones, leaching, KCL 99 production, rotary dryer / combustion system / bag house, thickener, heat exchanges, barometric condensers, reclaim dredges.
  • Evaporation – Operators in the Evaporation area will run multiple-effect evaporator systems, liquid and slurry pumping systems, centrifuges, thermocompressors, heat exchangers, condensers, clarifier, and reagent systems.
  • Utilities – Panel/Field Operators (Power Engineers) are responsible for the safe operation of the Utilities and Tank Farm Area Equipment. This equipment includes: natural gas fired watertube boilers, gas turbine with heat recovery steam generator, air compressors, cooling towers, high pressure injection pumps, central heating and cooling systems.

The process plant at Bethune mine will be brand new when production starts. Newer plants tend to be cleaner and better illuminated. In addition, the team has spent a lot more time identifying, analyzing and planning requirements so work activities are more efficient for Production.


What is a typical workweek?

The Operators are on a four shift rotation plus a dedicated training shift which ensures continuous operation of the facility, planned monthly training and work-life balance. Operating will be split into Panel and Field Operators, ensuring all members of each crew work together with training to complete all tasks interchangeably. The responsibility of meeting pre-determined KPIs are with the operating groups which includes continual improvement and best practices. 

Sample Shift Schedule (pdf)

What interaction will I have with other areas?

The Panel Operators for each area all work out of a single control room, with the exception of Loadout (Loadout building). Radio communication will be maintained within the areas. The communication within the control room will be open and interactive.


What experience do I need?

New to Industry?

At K+S Potash Canada, you can progress from the Trainee level to a Supervisory level in your career as an Operator. The progression is based on the ability to acquire new skills – you set the pace of your career! At the start of your career you are focused on building technical skills and knowledge through working with different types of equipment, assisting the team and day to day interaction with Supervisors.

You will develop knowledge and skills to perform in your area and over time obtain problem-solving skills allowing you to gain confidence in working independently.

Experienced Operator?

As you develop a high level of technical knowledge and well-honed skills you will advance to more senior levels where you can directly contribute to improvements and efficiencies within the work area. This will translate into roles leading people, participating in projects and overseeing the daily operation of the Evaporation, Wet-end or Dry-end areas.


Download: Career Path (pdf)


Interested in working in Production at K+S? Watch the videos below to learn more a few of our current employees working in Production at Bethune mine.


Olivia, a process analyst at Bethune mine, talks about what it’s like to work for K+S Potash Canada.


Greg, a utilities operator at Bethune mine, talks about what it’s like to work for K+S Potash Canada.


Sheldon, a well field operator at Bethune mine, talks about what it’s like to work for K+S Potash Canada.


Kelly, a well field operator at Bethune mine, talks about what it’s like to work for K+S Potash Canada.


Darren, a well field operator at Bethune mine, talks about what it’s like to work for K+S Potash Canada.