Working in Maintenance

The Maintenance Team

Employees at Bethune mine are dedicated to becoming the most respected potash mining operation in Saskatchewan – focusing on people, performance and sustainability. For the Maintenance team at Bethune mine, near the community of Bethune (40 km from either Moose Jaw or Regina), this vision is at the heart of the work performed on a daily basis. The Maintenance team at Bethune site has a critical role to play in ensuring start up stays on schedule.

Key areas

The Maintenance group has four key areas
  • Reliability
  • Plant Engineering
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Maintenance

At an early stage of the project the decision was made to use an area based Maintenance program. Area based maintenance facilitates teamwork and cooperation between trades and between production and maintenance and when done properly results in a safer, more productive and cost efficient operation.

Area based Maintenance will create ownership in the people that work in the area because they will treat it as their own. It will help in determining maintenance schedules and activity planning for each area. Teams are more specialised and focused, this leads to quicker learning curve and development of competencies.

The process plant at Bethune mine is brand new. Newer plants tend to be cleaner and better illuminated. In addition, the team has spent a lot more time identifying, analyzing and planning maintenance requirements so work activities are better planned efficient for Production. This also usually means less brute force effort required by tradespeople as they “work smarter, not harder”.


What is a typical workweek?

The Maintenance area at Bethune will have two shifts for tradespeople as follows:

A regular day shift for site employees is a compressed work week, working 10 hours a day, Monday – Thursday. In addition, we will have a 24/7 Operations shift schedule.

Please see the Sample Shift Schedule (pdf).

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What experience do I need?

New to Industry?

Within the Maintenance team, you can progress from an apprentice to a senior role (including lead hand or supervisor) as you gain the needed skills in your career. The progression is based on the ability to acquire new skills, expand your abilities, and your performance.

Experienced Trade?

At the start of your career with K+S Potash Canada you are focused on building technical knowledge and skills. As you progress, you transition to a broader focus in providing leadership and sharing your knowledge and skills to the team. 


Download: Career Path (pdf)


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